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iCarly: Winter Wonderland

Title: Winter Wonderland
Fandom: iCarly
Pairing: Sam/Spencer
Note: Fluff. Thanks to[info]poppyfields13 for the beta. Tense does switch halfway through, I know.
Rating: PG13

Summary: He'll say are you married, we'll say no man - but you can do the job in town. / as we face unafraid, the plans that we've made



Snow fell in swirls just out the window, and everyone was in a cheery spirit because of it. It was decorating day in the Shay loft; a fir tree stood bare in the corner, open cardboard boxes spilling red and green decorations around it. Carly and Spencer had long ago reasoned that since the tree was decorated last, that’s where all the boxes went, so everything else would be clear to “Christmas-ize” as Spencer put it.

This year, Sam was having more fun than she ever had in the past years of decorating the loft. Carly seemed to be wandering around as an experimental tree, lights wound around her like so many necklaces, and a huge ball of still tangled lights in one hand as she decorated with the other. Freddie followed her around, slowly detangling the ball, which had been much larger when he started. Everyone agreed this was the best job for him, because in past years every article he had put up needed to be put up again “the right way” as Carly originally told him.

Spencer took charge of unpacking a majority of the boxes and planting things in their higher positions. In the process, he managed to cover Sam in a tree like manner too. Garland hung artistically from her shoulders and around her neck, tinsel got in her hair, and any spare glitter that fell off of anything was blown in her direction. Carly had the resulting glitter, and a strand of tinsel in her hair too, but Sam out-sparkled her. Laughing at each other as they hung several stockings up, they joked that for outdoor lights all Spencer had to do was prop them up outside the window.

Sam was almost done with high school entirely, she was on break from school, and the only thing that could have possibly made her day feel more magnificent did just that. Spencer was teasing her more in particular, ergo her stylish new looks, and whenever he caught her eye for long enough he smiled at her. A smile that, every time, made her heart burst with warmth, and made her feel as though she was wrapped in a cocoon, safe and loved. The same feeling she had when they lay, late at night, Sam snuggled up against Spencer’s chest, his arm around her tightly, his head resting on top of hers.

A few times, Spencer smiled at her a little too long, and she almost forgot what she was doing. Then again, somehow, she did manage to do that on her own when she was looking at him, without him looking back.

“Hey look guys – it’s a Winter Wonderland!” Spencer peered happily out the window and turned, smiling back to the three of them.

Oh, and the Christmas carols made Sam smile more than she was accustomed to also. When the four of them had started decorating together years ago, Carly had broken out into the chorus of “Jingle Bells” randomly, and they all decided to join in. They tried to keep up the singing with other popular carols, and it was completely horrible as they laughed their whole way through some of them. Now though, having looked them up and listened to correct versions, they all knew “way too many,” Sam had said once.

Carly rolled her eyes at her brother, she had just finished “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” by herself. “Freddie?” she implored.

He rolled his eyes at Spencer too, but started with a grin anyway, “Sleigh bells ring –”

“Are you listenin’?”

“In the lane – ” Spencer added turning around to start unpacking the last box.

“Snow is glistenin’,” Sam added, laughing. They had to mumble around a little bit still, but all four of them managed to get to – “Walkin’ in a winter wonderland!”

“In the meadow we could build a snowman –”

“And pretend that he is Parson Brown – ”

“He’ll say are you married – ” Sam laughed a little more at Carly and Freddie as they went back and forth, hollering out the lyrics gaily, and she turned back to the box Spencer was sorting through, only to find him standing in front of her, holding a very small box in front of him.

“We’ll say no man,” Spencer says very evenly, looking meaningfully at her, and Sam knows he’s serious.

“We’ll say no man!” Freddie unconsciously echoes behind her.

Spencer exhales and opens the box for Sam, “But you can do the job when you’re in town.”

Sam gasps as Carly echoes, “But you can do the job when you’re in town!” She sees the silver ring, sparkling brighter than she ever could with its beautifully set diamonds, but she can’t look at it for longer than it takes to register in her mind. She looks back at him again, and she asks silently if this is real. He tells her yes, he really means it, and she thinks she can even see an ‘I love you’ thrown in there too, just as silently, as his eyes ask, and beg, and plead.

Freddie and Carly seem to have stopped with the song, momentarily at least, in favor of laughing at the jumbled Christmas lights both of them are trapped in. So it’s not silent, but silent enough when Sam nods, and Spencer breaks into a smile, and as they both fumble to get the ring out of the stupid little box and onto her finger. Sam flails her arms around a little bit when it actually is on her finger, and then she throws her arms around Spencer, who hugs her back tightly, spinning her around slowly.

Carly stops laughing at the lights’ attack and notices the twirling and hugging, “What happened?”

“What?” Freddie looks up, happily confused.

Spencer sets Sam down and she finds herself wiping a tear off of her face, saying the first thing that comes to mind, “Later on – we’ll conspire,” but she’s smiling and her eyes are leaking and she’s starting to giggle and can’t go on.

But Spencer squeaks out happily, through his tears and his smile, “as we dream – by the fire,” keeping his hand on Sam, wiping a few tears from his own face. He gives Sam another quick hug, kissing her cheek, “and we’ll face – ” he stops, caressing the hair around her face, “unafraid.”

Sam’s grin widens somehow, and she manages to finish, “the plans that we’ve made.”

Carly and Freddie look at each other extremely bewildered for a second, because that wasn’t a helpful explanation. Their confusion escalates to a whole new level as they turn back to see Spencer and Sam come together in a kiss.

Carly manages to see Sam’s hand and the ring on it even as Sam continues to flail her arms around, smiling too big to talk coherently. Once Carly understands what’s happened, she tries to stay mad at the two, and then tries to go around pouting to show how upset she is, but neither lasts very long. Sam and Spencer are walking around decorating, huge giddy smiles on their faces, and every once in a while they stop each other for a quick kiss, or they drape their arms around each other, and the feeling is contagious. And somewhere in these exchanges, Carly stops wondering why they never told her, and starts to wonder why she never saw it herself.